Activity Email - own/separate text

Is it possible to enter a custom text for sending emails by activity or can you set it so that the file name is not mentioned in the email text?

Sorry, I’m not aware of any configuration dialog for these kind of messages.

I think you can only deactivate the emails. Also you can edit the source code.
Why do you not want to mail the “file name”? Can you post an example?

sometimes it is health data that are subject to special protection and therefore the filename must not be readable as personal name in a public email.

Perhaps you can change your process and use other names. Perhaps you can share folders with timestamps as folder name and the files in the folder. But the email is mostly public. The problem is not only the name of the file. Perhaps you need guest accounts for more security.

the problem is, if i mail a xray picture, there must be the name of the patient in the filename. so that the recipient can assign the image, as he/she usually does not know the patient yet.

You can share a folder with the xray picture in it. If you share more than one picture you must only send one email for the folder.

Possible about a separat Link, but it should be automarically about the activity email and this kind of email shared the filename