[Activity] default for new users

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a way to change the default setting for new users in a way that they don’t receive any emails for shared folders without turning them on explicitly. I want to uncheck the left two boxes by default.

In general: is there no way to access settings for this app? Is it possible to develop a way to change app settings like it is done in Wordpress?

There is an app for that:
Maybe this is something for you :grin:


Awesome! Thanks!
That’s exactly what I was looking for!

Shouldn’t this be integrated into the activity app?

EDIT: at least it should be possible to configure it at config.php or anywhere like that :slight_smile:

Lets ask @nickvergessen :wink:

i would like that as well

meanwile set a bookmark and call your netxtcloud via a link like “…cloud.de/index.php/apps/tasks/#/collections/all” -> after login you should see your tasks - this should work for every app…


I need to do the same selected, but @MariusBluem link is dead.
Can you help me please?

For version 11.2

Thank you

The link to the app: https://github.com/mfleonhardt/activitydefaults/
Will be possible starting Nextcloud 12 (coming in some weeks) by default:


Ok. Thanks

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Reviving old threat; but thing belongs here;

Using NC15 here.
I have the exactly same situation to solve, but all the links to activitydefault app are dead.

Can I use any other app, can i achieve that with occ command somehow…
I have new and existing users to which I need to push, or edit settings somehow.


If there’s someone still looking for this you can hack the code and replace every occurrence of

public function isDefaultEnabledMail() {
	return false;


	public function isDefaultEnabledMail() {
		return **true**;

works either before or after creating the users, but before the set their own activity preferences