Activity app vs administrator-shared external storage

Hi, I have a question with regard to how the Activity app interacts with external storage.

I as admin user A go to Admin > External storage and create a Local external storage mount to folder /folder and make it available to group “group1” which consists of users A (me), B and C.

I then create a bunch of files in the folder.

If I go to the Activity tab, I see records for the changes I made in the shared mounted folder.

If users B or C go to the Activity tab, they don’t see my changes to the shared mounted folder, only their changes (if any). Likewise I cannot see user B or C’s changes to the shared mounted folder.

I was expecting all users to whom an external storage mount had been shared to to be able to see each others’ activity on that mounted folder. Should it work that way?

What is best practice for sharing folders for groups within an organisation, without making that share dependent on a single user account? Mount local-external storage folders via the admin interface, create a dedicated “shared content” user and share them out from there, or something else?

Users and groups are pulled from LDAP.