Activities: Changes of multi user edits on a single file don't show in activities list

Hey guys,

we have a problem tracking the changes of files in Nextcloud when a couple of users collaborate on the same file(s). To test this behaviour we created a new text file and made a couple of changes on it alternating between users. However, under activities each user only gets his own last changes listed.
What we expect is to see all the changes of all the users. Can this be achieved? Or is there some kind of plugin for this?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new file in Nextcloud, make some changes to it, save and close it
  2. Another user opens the same file, makes some additional changes, saves and closes it
  3. These steps can be done repeatedly
  4. Each user only get his own changes listed, all the changes to the file cannot be tracked

Expected behaviour

All users should be able to see all the changes to the files they edited

Actual behaviour

Only my own last changes are listed to me

Nextcloud Version

Nextcloud 16.0.1
PHP Version: 7.3.6
mysql Version: 10.4.6

Apps and version

Two-Factor Authentication via Nextcloud notification 1.1.1
Accessibility 1.2.0
Activity 2.9.1
Auditing / Logging 1.6.0
Checksum 0.4.3
Collaborative tags 1.6.0
Comments 1.6.0
Deleted files 1.6.0
External storage support 1.7.0
Federation 1.6.0
File sharing 1.8.0
First run wizard 2.5.0
Gallery 18.3.0
Impersonate 1.3.0
LDAP user and group backend 1.6.0
Log Reader 2.1.0
Markdown Editor 2.0.6
Monitoring 1.6.0
Nextcloud announcements 1.5.0
Notifications 2.4.1
Password policy 1.6.0
PDF viewer 1.5.0
Preview Generator 2.1.0
Privacy 1.0.0
Recommendations 0.4.0
Right click 0.13.0
Share by mail 1.6.0
Support 1.0.0
Text editor 2.8.0
Theming 1.7.0
Two-Factor TOTP Provider 2.1.2
Update notification 1.6.0
Usage survey 1.4.0
Versions 1.9.0
Video player 1.5.0
Viewer 1.0.0
Default encryption module 2.4.0