Active directory + nextCloud communication via LDAP SSO on virtualbox Servers(for testing purposes)

Hello i am and kinda noob to networking but i am really exited with nextCloud and i have learned so much the couple of days.
At the moment i am facing an issue and the internet is not helping me much so far.

I have set up nextCloud on a ubuntu virtualbox server 20.0.4.
I have set up active directory on a virtualbox server windows 2016.

I have made it so the two machines can communicate , i verified it by pinging each other ip and everything works fine.

On the nextCloud LDAP settings on hostname i enter my windows virutalbox IP address and press detect for the port , it works.

After that if i press detect base DN i get LDAP operation error , annonymous bind might not be allowed.
Also on terminal if i do ldapsearch i get can’t connect to ldap server (-1) .

What would be the next steps so i can log in to nextCloud using my activeDirectory users via LDAP SSO ?

Thanks for taking the time on reading my problem .

Update for future people.

I made it past the server configuration page , all i had to do was enable anonymous user on my windows server.

Stuck again

On the Users page i am getting Could not detect user display name attribute , please specify it yourself on advanced ldap settings .
Also im getting 0 users found.

On the Login attributes i am using a name for a user i created on active directory under aga.local on a folder called Users and im getting

"the “%uid” placeholder is missing ,it will be replaced with the login name when quering LDAP/ad

On the groups tab i get 0 groups found.

All i want is to be able to log in with the users on my active directory in nextcloud via ldap . Any help would be greatly appreciated.