Activating catalan translation

On my free time I translate nextcloud to Catalan; but I cannot select it in my nextcloud installation. What do I have to do to get it listed?


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Hello @enboig,

did not see your post.

Hope you are still interested in translating Nextcloud to Catalan?

Just checked language list at Transifex and there is Catalan already.

Please sign up at Transifex and request to join your Team.


I am already part of the team and added some translations. I was asking why I couldn’t select it in my profile and what needs to be done to be able to do so.


Which nextcloud version are you running?

I have v11.0.0.3 and it looks like the following:

That’s odd, I tried on a dev server using 12.0 (testing upgrade frin 11.0.3) and after choosing “English”, I couldn’t go back to “catalan”.

Now on production server I am on 11.0.3 and I can choose catalan.

Is it missing only in 12.0?

We have to ask v12 users.

Another idea:
Have you tried to check

Version 12 lacks catalan. What need to be done?

Open an issue at GitHub

EDIT: @nickvergessen Do you know the reason why catalan is not included? Will it be included in v12.0.1 ?

When a language is removed, it is because the translation does not cover 50% of the core/ part

See last posting of @nickvergessen . Could you and the Catalan team start to increase translation level?

I am translating on my free time, but I don’t know anything about team. Does somebody must validate the strings?

I don’t know that, maybe @MorrisJobke knows more.

No, validation is not needed. And we automatically include the language once core or settings is translated to 75%. Once this is reached it will automatically land in all stable branches.

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