Account sharing

I appreciate being able to share files between multiple users, but
is it possible to share the same account among several people?
Thank you

What is your use case for this? This seems like a big securtiy risk. But if you REALLY want to do this, just give same password to all the users who must share?

This is a team on an online game: share the same files, the same agendas etc.
Will there be a more effective and safer way?
(Excuse me for my bad English)

I guess creating an account for each, and sharing the same folder with everyone is better? Depends on what type of security you want I guess. Horses for courses and so on…

Thanks to you, Starfish.
Yes it’s a good idea; can we also share the agenda?

Yes. You can create a calendar event and add people to it afaik. But you could just double check. If the multiple accounts shared don’t seem to work for you, I guess you could just use the same account for everyone. But that would be for you determine.

I am going to try.

:ok_hand: no worries!