Account locked, never got a verification email

I singed up for an account, everything was working well, got 2FA setup, etc, waiting for verification email, kept waiting. Greeted with an email from my host

Your account has been disabled because it was not verified in time.

Please contact your provider for further assistance.

No idea what to do, where do I go from here? My email host is Protonmail.

I just re-registered with a different email account, whatever.

Sometimes, this can happen. These verification mails sometimes get lost or don’t get sent. In that case, one just has to retry. If that doesn’t work, look in your spam folder or check any filtering rules you may have.

It happened to exactly how can one re-enable their account?

I would contact your hosting provider directly and ask him for help. This forum usually exists to discuss Nextcloud software issues and not to provide support for 3rd-party companies hosting the software.

Understood. Thank you for the fast reply.