Accidentilly deleted Files

I accidentally deleted all my Pictures out of my synched folder. Is there any chance to restore them? I can’t find a trash bin or something else. The only thing regarding this folder I can find is the activity that I deleted it 15 days ago.
If there is any chance to restore this folder i would be very thankfull

Have you checked the deleted files within NextCloud for your account, AND your local file system trash.

Unfortunatetly if they are not in there, and you don’t have a backup I cant see how you can get them back. If the drive has also been in use for 15 days since deletion even if you were take the drive to a data recovery specialistic the level of recovery has now been greatly reduced.

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Desktop Client: Add option to move deleted files to trash instead of permanently deleting them by claucambra · Pull Request #5698 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub