Accidentally upgraded to 21.0.8

I am running NC using a custom baked Dockerfile which was pulling the highest minor version number from based on whatever major version is hardcoded in the Dockerfile (currently on 21). Well currently the highest version available on the download page is 21.0.8 which is officially held back.

  • Is there any information on why the release was held back?
  • Anything I need to be concerned about or need to mitigate?
  • Is it safe to upgrade from 21.0.8 to 22.2.3 or should I wait for 21.0.8/22.2.4 to be released?
  • I assume once this is all resolved I should update my Dockerfile to pull the latest-<MAJOR_VER>.tar.bz2

I would update to 22.2.3 or wait for 21.0.9 - the RC1 is already there:

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Thanks. I’ll probably go to 22.2.3. I want to get up to 23 anyway.