Accidentally snap installed docker and removed and now I can't access NC from my home network

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The biggest problem is user error. I had everything working so well. Hadn’t backed anything up yet. I accidentally snap installed docker and immediately uninstalled it. I’m sure it must have changed some configs because now when I type my lan ip it times out without returning anything. When I put in my public ip address NextCloud appears but says its not configured for public use and I should contact my administrator, which is me unfortunately.

I changed /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/config.php from trusteddomain to 192.168.99.* and rebooted and I still get Timed out for the home network and untrusted domain for the public IP.

I would just reinstall but of course I saved a bunch of pictures to the nextcloud drive and deleted them from my phone.

I’m an idiot for deleting the pics before backing up or fully testing the NC install. This is almost certainly user error in some form or another but im almost certain that it happened when I snap installed and then removed docker.

Thanks again for putting up with me. I just have spent so long trying to get this working and I really don’t want to give up and lose my data.

If I didn’t say yet its the latest ubuntu server installed on an older desktop all fresh install with snap installed nextcloud.

Okay I added my own public IP to the trusted IPs and now that works (though not through ssl yet) . But trying to access it from any computers on my lan using the lan addr (yes thats fake) the request times out.

This was enough to download my photos. Not an ideal setup but I figured it out. Now I’m going to reinstall and also maybe read a book about DNS and running my own dns server. Thanks for listening :laughing: