Accidentally moved a 1.1TB folder to a subfolder and can not undo it now

I had a browser glitch moving my mouse over a 1.1TB production folder and made it move into another folder from a completely different department. This alone is already really problematic, because I have zero Idea who has access now - I guess it gets recursively shared with the wrong groups and people now. Repairing this can take hours.
How can it be that this is impossible to UNDO or MOVE BACK the folder - “target already exists” - it was moved from my main directory?

Isn’t this something that should be really quick to UNDO/FIX? It can happen all the time and is one of the most dangerous things I can imagine to happen on such a platform…

I need help, please

I tried a workaround to solve the problem, and now I’m waiting for responses from the team what went wrong (or not, I’ll find out):

The process of moving a folder into another makes the folder be visible as SHARED BY THE OWNER OF THAT SUBFOLDER.
So far so good - but even as Admin, I can not undo the automatic shares created - even if they contain “public links”.
The only solution was to impersonate as the User who appears as “shared by” now: And unshare it again, then log out the impersonated user and restore the original share as Admin again. Now the folder has also disappeared from the Subfolder again.

What a bad experience.