Accessing two different Nextcloud Talk instances on only one Smartphone (two different NC 24.0.4 instances)

Hi, I have two running NC 24.0.4 instances on two different servers S1 and S2 (each with Ubuntu 20.04.4). On my Android smartphone, I installed the Nextcloud app, and I can add (new) accounts from S1 and/or S2 with QR-Code, each. Running mixed users without any errors!

But after installing the Nextcloud Talk app on my smartphone, I can connect only users from S1, and talk to them without any errors. But connecting users from S2, at the same time, so that they can talk to each other, does not work, I mean S2 users cannot talk to each other, not S1 users with S2 users!

If I understood you correctly, everything seems to be working as it should. Only users that are on the the same server can talk to each other. If you want to talk to users on the other server, you have to switch to the other account in the app. The app cannot bridge calls from users on diffrent servers. Also the app can afaik only hold one call at a time, using the account that initiated or received the call.

Sorry… I’m not following what you’re trying to do.

You’re saying since you installed the talk app on your phone, two other users on S2 can’t talk directly to each other?

Server S1 Server S2
NC 24.0.4 NC 24.0.4

UserS11 UserS21
UserS12 UserS22
UserS13 UserS23


            Nextcloud App

         UserS11 logged on OK
         UserS12 logged on OK
         UserS21 logged on OK
         UserS22 logged on OK

         Nextcloud Talk App

      User21 is active on Talk
      User22 is in list on Talk
      => User21 and UserS22 can talk to each other

      Trying UserS11 to set active in Talk app is not possible => failed => fall back to login again
      Trying UserS12 to set active in Talk app is not possible => failed => fall back to login again

It seems that the server S2 is grabbing the Talk app and only allowing users from S2 to talk!

I don’t know how well the Nextcloud Talk smartphone app works with multiple accounts. But you probably have to manually switch from one account to the other in order to be able to call users on the other server / account.

I’m still not sure if we are talking about the same thing so i’m goanna repeat myself:

  • You cannot add users from S1 and S2 to the same call!
  • If you’re logged in to the Talk app with your account on S1, you can only call users on S1!
  • If you’re logged in to the Talk app with your account on S2, you can only call users on S2!
  • If you’re logged in to the Talk app with both accounts, you probably have to switch to the corresponding account, most likely by tapping on your avatar at the top right of the app.

Yep, only one account can be selected at a time on the mobile clients.

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OK, thanks a lot, this is a great help! That seems logical to me !!!

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Trying again: I deleted all accounts and apps on the smartphones. Then reinstalled the Nextcloud app on two smartphones, then logged in with UserS11 and UserS12 on each smartphone via QR code. Then I tried to login on the Nextcloud Talk app:

Conclusion: on both Smartphones …

Too many requests
Too many requests from your network. Try again later or contact your administrator if this is an error. By the way: I’m the administrator!

New attempt made with server S2. Conclusion: All accounts (UserS21 and UserS22) on server S2 are connected to each other. Does this mean that server S1 is not working properly?

Seems like the Brute Force Protection kicked in. There is probably some client in your local network, that is trying to login with a wrong username or password.

That is interesting! Could it be that this also causes the links sent to my classmates? How can I find out who is currently logged into the cloud?