Accessing pages before configuring webserver?

The documentation says that “After enabling this app, an administrator will need to edit the configuration of the Web server.”, but as the documentation only describes how to setup Apache and I use nginx (and have no plans to switch) and it only seems to be about making the pages available on some prettier urls, I thought I would try to see the generated page(s) first. But what’s the url?

The “Admin Settings” says “The complete URL of a website is”, but when I try to access “https://<my_server>/apps/cms_pico/pico/setup/” on my server (nextcloud works fine on “https://<my_server>/” - I entered “setup” as address for the new site), I get a 404 (blank page, I can see in nginx’s log that it returns 404).

How do I access my site?

Hi @hcgrove,

a german guy, Carsten Rieger, wrote a guide in english language where he explained the installation process:

After you’ve setup your website it is reachable under:

I had seen that, it doesn’t help!

The only thing that provides is configuration for nginx (which is not really a problem anyway) that still doesn’t do anything but provide prettier urls.

But it doesn’t address my desire to access the pages before I configure nginx.