Accessing Nextcloud via WebDAV on Ubuntu Client Computer - cannot mount via fstab

I switched from Windows 7 to Xubuntu and wanted to run Nextcloud client with similar behaviour like on Windows 7. But I had no effort:

When I use Nextcloud client from Ubuntu Software Repo, it will install as a “snap”. This brings up several difficulties, when trying to access files in the Nextcloud sync folder / document folder without restrictions. Further I want automatic syncing, when I start Xubuntu system. Instead of automatic, I have to fill in password every time, when Nextcloud client is started, due to restrictions with “snap”.

Therefore I installed Nextcloud Client as Image. But this did not work due to the HTTP-2 error / bug which is described here:
and here: Enablein http2 on ubuntu 18.04 with apache

As “last chance”, I can mount Nextcloud files via WebDAV, as it is described here:
But inspite I did follow exactly the description, given there, I cannot mount WebDAV via fstab successfully:
When I try to mount via Terminal by typing “mount ~/Nextcloud”, it tells me, that it cannot mount because of error in fstab in line 17. And line 17 does follow exactly the recommendation, which is given at step 7 in the documentation, mentioned above: /home/username/Nextcloud
(my Nextcloud folder starts with capital letter, so this is not a typing error) or beeing more precise, in my case the line 17 in fstab is like: /home/clemens/Nextcloud

What can I do, to let WebDAV mount automatic on sytem start via fstab?


Please try these steps :