Accessing NextCloud on VM with Separate Reverse Proxy

I’m having an issue with accessing my NextCloud installation, as I have sort of a weird setup.

I have a home server that runs virtual machines using HyperV, and I have a single VM which runs Nginx and acts as a reverse proxy for all the web traffic in my house.

I have installed NextCloud on a separate VM, using the snap installation option provided at the time of installation (Ubuntu Server 22.04). I have a wildcard certificate for my domain on the proxy VM, which I have copied over to the NextCloud VM.

When I run systemctl status snap.nextcloud.apache2.service, I see a message saying that no certificates were found, though I placed “fullchain.pem” and “privkey.pem” into /var/snap/nextcloud/current/certs/.

I don’t know how to properly set this up, as I cant find either an nginx or Apache configuration file for the snap installation.

I ran sudo nextcloud.enable-https custom ... and it said it installed the certificates and restarted apache, but when I try to connect, the connection times out. Can anyone help at all?

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