Accessing Nextcloud files over SMB/NFS

I’ve not run Nextcloud yet but I did give Owncloud a go some time back. What I’m wondering is if Nextcloud is meant to allow for accessing files on it by other means such as SMB or NFS?

There are a few guides on mounting remote shares in Nextcloud but I’m asking about sharing the datastore on the server machine to the local network while also maintaining the permissions set in Nextcloud. The reason for this would be to not sync data to stationary computers on the same network.

I noted that Nextcloud has LDAP support but I’m not sure if permissions are handled in a way that would allow Samba on the same server to share the same files without breaking things.

Does anyone know if this would be possible?

No, Nextcloud is not different in this point than ownCloud. You can only use webDAV to access Nextcloud directly. You can however use external storages (SMB/NFS/…) in Nextcloud which you then can also use independently from Nextcloud but Nextcloud itself does not provide files via SMB or NFS.