Accessing Existing Dataset on TrueNAS

Hi Everyone,
Total newbie to Nextcloud so bear with me here and thank you for helping.

I installed Nextcloud 25.0.1 in TrueNAS 13 Core yesterday and I’d like to be able to access my existing datasets within Nextcloud. I’ve read that doing this via SMB is redundant since you can simply use the source mountpoint of the jail as the location of the files you want to access in Nextcloud. So I did that but when I use the source mountpoint under the local “external storage” config i just get a red exclamation point and no indication of why it wont connect… I’ve read a few different posts about permissions etc. but can’t seem to figure out where i’m going wrong. At this point I’ve set the ACL for the source mountpoint with basically no restrictions but no luck. Any ideas?
Thank you for your help!
*edited after some more tinkering around