Accessing e2e encrypted data on iOS Device

Servus Community,

I have activated e2e encryption on my server and encrypted a dedicated test directory in the desktop client on one of my devices. The lock icon also appears everywhere on each client. Now I want to access the encrypted test data on my iPhone (iOS) but I get a message that the encryption is not activated in the iOS app and ask me to activate it in the settings. Now the wizard asks me to enter a six-digit PIN, which I have cancelled for now, because…

…I assume that this will only allow me to encrypt data again, this time with the iOS, which I will then no longer be able to decrypt on the other devices. Now I have a question of understanding: Are e2e encrypted data only available on the device on which they were encrypted and can no longer be decrypted on other devices? Or have I overlooked something?

BTW: During encryption I got a list of 10 words that I supposedly need to add other devices but where do I enter them? In the dialogue mentioned above with the PIN entering, this can’t have anything to do with it, because the words are of different lengths.

Appreciate any information and thank you for your attention.

FYI: I’m using Nextcloud Version 20.0.4 on Debian 10.

Bye Tom