Accessing App Store in Nextcloud through a hosting provider

Hi there,
I created a free Nextcloud account through provider.
Can I have access to the app store to install new apps?
If so how?
thank you for your help

I think you should ask “” this question, because they should know how they’ve configured their servers. Based on their Nextcloud offering I would assume that they’re only installing some core apps.

ok, that should be it because I can’t find it anywhere.
That’s must be also the reason why people install their own server I guess…
Thanks @j-ed :+1:t3:

You can download it manually from the app store and place it in the apps-folder. It could be that external downloads are blocked for security reasons from your provider. Hosting packages are often not optimized for Nextcloud, just for a small calendar, a few files etc. it can work out, but larger datasets usually get complicated (without optimization the load on the database can be quite high).

Hi! If you order Nextcloud Single Free then you cannot enable or install new apps. On free you are limited to pre-enabled apps. If you wish to enable or add Apps then you will need to order Family or Business offers where you get your own private Nextcloud instance and you can enable or disable Apps to your likings. If you have any other question please contact us directly via the website, email or live chat.


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