Accessing AIO from LAN and the Internet Both

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): AIO:latest
Operating system and version: Debian Bullseye

The issue you are facing:
I have a domain name that points to a reverse proxy (running on VPS) and the reverse proxy points to an AIO instance on a machine running in my house. The reverse proxy connects to my home machine over Tailscale. This works well.

But if I am at home, it looks like I cannot connect directly to AIO without the data passing through the VPS. I would like to bypass the VPS/remote Reverse proxy when I am on my home LAN.

I looked at docs for running AIO locally. I already have a pihole running on my LAN and use that as a DNS server.


  1. Would I need to put a second reverse proxy on my local machine, and then use the pi-hole to intercept calls to and route them to that reverse proxy?

  2. If I mess with daemon.json for docker as instructed in the documentation, would that cause problems when accessing my AIO from outside of my LAN?


You cannot since the TLS proxying is handled by the VPS. You can fix this by setting up a reverse proxy in your home network that handles TLS proxying locally.