Access with HTTPS?

I´ve been able to install nextcloud, but only have access via HTTP . How can I install to access via HTTPS ? (i´m using Windows 10 , Firefox and Fritzbox)
thanks a lot , Reri

you have to tell us which web server / linux you are using.

or just try

Hello thanks a lot for your immediate response.

Typing https// and my url is also not working ...

I´m using an DNSv4 or DNSv6 server from my provider 1&1.

I was removing the next cloud app, to install again ... but the UBOS stick seems to "remember" that "nextclaoud"

already is installed ......

br, Reri

If you install NC on a web server you build yourself, you can install certbot (of Letsencrypt) to enable https. It is free of charge.
If you install NC on an ISP, it is their chance to make some good money even if you have all knowledge of howto but just need the admin rights of permission for 2 minutes.

Jep for a free SSL certificate, consider “let’s encrypt”. And certbot is the official client and automatically applies the required configuration on Apache and Nginx webservers, when executed accordingly:

Don’t forget to in case forward port 443 as well to your webserver.

Sorry that my last response was not o.k. may be , because I´m not an expert with networks etc.
I´m using a raspberry PI (UBOS Box) as “my_cloud” solution and I installed the client with a UBOS stick which came with my box. The UBOSbox is connected via my router (Fritzbox, from 1&1) and I´m using Firefox on Windows 10.

Hey @reri_2

please use this guide to secure your NC (https://) by setting up Let’s encrypt on your UBOS box.

For automated SSL via Let’s Encrypt, use this script:

It auto renews and everything. :smiley:

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Thank you! I will give it a try for sure.