Access via VPN in China


I am not sure if this is the right forum, so sorry for that.

I will be on a business trip to China next week and I want to know if I can still access my Nextcloud.

It is installed on a linux server behind a PiVPn (OpenVPN). The VPN till now is working without problems.
But has anybody made some experience with the “Great Firewall of China”? I heard that they are now interrupting VPN as well but how about my private hosted server?


I don’t know personally, but I would anticipate it being blocked. Will be interesting to see. If they are doing SSL inspection then it isn’t likely OpenVPN will pass through.

Oh yes, they do :wink:
Usually https to your server should be enough, but if you are collocated to IP that is blocked in China… It will be bad for you.

Just want to let you know that for the last 2 days it worked :slight_smile: nextcloud, google, netflix,…
some times the speed drops quite bad (below 1Mbit; I have a 40/100 Up/Down connection at home) .