Access Shared Directory Link with Cyberduck

I’ve shared a link and trying to access with Cyberduck, but I only get:

Listing directory failed
Unexpected response 405 Method Not Allowed.

…no matter what I try.

Is this not supposed to be supported?

Can you have a look in your server logfiles what they say? And give us more information about the environment where you installed nextcloud (version number, operating system, …).

I haven’t pursued this, but what webdav clients are you all using?

I mostly use the sync-client, and for direct webdav access I just used the native implementation of the ubuntu file-manager. On Windows, I also tried WinSCP.

“Method not allowed” could also refer to http verbs that are not allowed. For any kind of webdav error, there is a good summary of all possible problems and how to deal with them: