Access setted by user inside shared folders

Nextcloud version : 23.0.5


my requirement is to manage users to share an structure of folder and files. So I (ths admin) share a folder with a group of users. Each user should be able add files and folders. So far it is easy to set up.

  1. preferred solution
    Each user should have control about the own uploaded files, that means to be able to set right like edit, delete or add by files and folder.

  2. accepted solution
    Each user can add files and folders into the hirarchical structure, but can edit delete only the own files/folders.

it would be easy for users to set permissions when they share their folders, but it dosn’t work inside a shared folder.

The app file acces control seems to be not helpful in my case.

There is a simple issue in another thread similar to mine: #127343

I could not find a solution.


Permissions are on a per-share basis. So on a given share, the permissions will apply to everything in it.

To do what you describe, each user would have to share their own folder and give others read-only access.

A possible alternative… You could share a folder, or create a group folder, as read-only for all non-admins. You could then share a subfolder in it for each user individually with write access. I think this folder would then show up twice in their folder structure (once as a direct share and the other as a subfolder of the other share), but the direct share would be writable. Maybe confusing for the users at first but maybe it would work.

Yeah. That could be a workaround. Thanks.

But I think that this option will not work in my case. The folder structure that I need is hirachic deep and should be created and further structured by the users (specifically: documents of a family history).