Access nextcloud using external VPN (example Linode)

I’m new to nextcloud I wanted to know if I can access my nextcloud server from outside home using VPN

What I’ve done

  1. I’ve installed openVPN on linode server
  2. And connected the machine running nextcloud to openVPN
  3. now my ip address is same as linode running openVPN

My question - Is there anyway i can connect to my nextcloud without getting a public ip or domain using the ip provided by openVPN

Sorry if I did any thing wrong this is my very first query

You questions is unclear. Did you setup your vpn and hit some issues or do you ask in advance? Describe in detail what you expect, what you see and share logs and configs.

Generally speaking once you connect with vpn you virtually enter your network, so there should be no difference how you access internal resources.

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Maybe to make it even more clear: once you are connected via vpn, you can simply use the ip-adress of the pc which is running nextcloud to connect to it.