Access NextCloud Files from other programs


I have setup my NextCloud server on a Raspberry Pi and want to use it as a live Photoframe together with Feh so I can remotely upload pictures to it using NextCloud.

I could find my Files in the Folder structure under /var/nextcloud/data/UserName/files/photos and can browse those when I am using sudo su under SSH.

I am trying to get feh to display the photos from there in slide show. But unfortunately it is impossible for feh to access the files there and I am getting erreor.
When I copy the same files to another directors feh can play the without problems.

Both Nextcloud and feh as well as apache, PHP and Nextcloud have been installed with SSH console and using the pi account. I am running Debian (Raspbian Stretch).

Can anyone give my an advice on how to access my nextclud files so feh can play those in slide show.

Thank you


Just a quick idea how to solve it and not sure if that’s the best solution:
Add the feh user (which feh is probably running with) to the webserver group, so that feh have permission to access the Nextcloud files. They are owned by the webserver user, as you can see with ls -l.

Another idea could be to mount the photos folder for feh somewhere on the raspi. So when you share the photos folder in Nextcloud “publicly” with a strong password, you could mount that webdav share, I think.