Access from the web disconnected

Nextcloud version _: 24
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 22.04
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): Apache/2.4.52 (Ubuntu)
PHP version (eg, 7.4): 8.1.2

The issue you are facing:

I had a weird situation today, where my server is no longer accessible from the internet.
The system was functionning perfectly, however to day I tried to connect from my android phone and suddenly the server went offline.

If I ping the server from outside using the domain name, I get a response, if I connect locally to the server I am able to do it. If I try to reach the server from the internet using the domain name, I get

Unable to connect

An error occurred during a connection to

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.

Anyone has an issue like that?

The config.php is good and the everything is good in the trusted domains.

The server was running just fine.

In the apache log file, I’m having the following message: [Mon Sep 26 18:21:21.742192 2022] [access_compat:error] [pid 365136:tid 139754871973440] … AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /var/www/nextcloud/remote.php

Edit: added part of the apache log

Hi @oldMan,
You are missing the required support template, including whether you are using Snap or Docker, etc… Please fill this full form out and edit into your post, including logs. Also spell out all recent changes to your server.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks.

Did your public IP change? Verify your DNS is correct and up to date.

Thank you for the help.
It seems that the issue was just appearing on my mac, my mac client keeps trying to connect to the server and this is why my ip was banned and I was getting this error message. I tried whitelisting my ip while I try to troubleshoot why this specific mac client keeps trying to connect and in the nextcloud logs (On the server side, in the administration page) I keep seeing login failed, even though my client is showing green and is logged in.
I’m sorry for the template, I’m at work and it’s been a tough week, and I have a hard time gathering all the info.