Access Forbidden State token does not match in AIO docker container


I am having some issues with the Nextcloud talk app on IOS.

I have a nextcloud AIO docker container with talk running on a Linode Server. I was having no problems with nextcloud talk, but today it started giving me the following error message.

To replicate, I would log into the Nextcloud IOS app. This works fine. When I try and import account or manually input the server login info, I receive the access token error.

Restarted server
Updated server
Updated Docker

Hi, this will be fixed with Nextcloud 25.0.5.

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Thank you. I was going through all my Apache settings to make sure the configurations were not passing http instead of https. Do you think there are any other places I could look to try and solve the problem for now or is this just a talk glitch? Nextcloud talk is pretty essential for my day-to-day right now.

So are running AIO behind an apache reverse proxy? Make sure that your apache is up-to-date with all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub then.

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