Access forbidden App Collabora Online

I installed “Collabora Online” by going to Apps and enabling it.

I tried clicking on an .odt document in my files and got a screen that says “Access forbidden”. I can open other files such as videos, PDF, etc.

I have no idea what access it needs to work or what’s being denied.


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Is there a separate server I have to install?

You need to have the CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition) docker container running then use the app to connect your Nextcloud instance in order to use it.

If you have configured all that, then you could have some issues with the configuration.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can figure that out. I’m running on Arm64 hardware, which seems fairly well-supported but you never know…

If you get stuck let us know maybe we can help :slight_smile:

Hmm. Well, I got Apache running on another host with HTTPS. I pointed NextCloud/Collabora to it using HTTP, which I guess won’t work. In any case, I don’t get any response connecting to port 9980 via HTTP or HTTPS.

So, it looks like HTTPS works to the Collabora Docker instance but not HTTP. NextCloud won’t let me mix protocols and I use HTTP to NextCloud. Is there any way to use HTTP with the Collabora server?

No, you need https to establish communication between nextcloud and code/collabora.

It you need a SSL cert you can use Let’s Encrypt, they are free (as gratis) but they only last 90 days long.

show your config.php

@Ark74 That’s unfortunate but thanks for confirming. Is there a reason I can’t use a self-signed cert.?

@sp01 Sorry, what does config.php have to do with it?

Self-signed u can use, but it isn’t trusted
Nextcloud_installed_dir\config\config.php For sharing use - its simply