Access files using ftp


After a few server restores I have it working again. The files in the server seems to be corrupted, so I solved it in the computers with the nextcloud app removing the files from the server and synchronizing again. The problem is with web users because they don’t have a backup on the computer. I’ve tried installing the client and downloading the files using ftp to copy them to the next cloud folder but they seems to be encrypted. Is there anyway to access the files using ftp?

If it is not possible. Will it solve something rebuilding the database to force the server to index the files?

Thanks in advance.

please use sftp or scp. if you want to connect from a windows machine have a look at winscp. credentials are the same as you use them for ssh. ftp is dead.

server side encryption was enabled on your server?

Yes, server side encryption is enabled but I can’t disable it.

I’ve found this:

Disabling encryption

You may disable encryption only with occ. Make sure you have backups of all encryption keys, including users’. Put your Nextcloud server into maintenance mode, and then disable your encryption module with this command:

occ maintenance:mode --on
occ encryption:disable
Take it out of maintenance mode when you are finished:

occ maintenance:mode --off

I’ll try it.


I’ve used the commands to disable encryption and now it is disabled in my preferences, but if I access the files using ftp they are still encrypted and the folder ·“file_encryption” is still there.

What do I have to do now?

did you see the encryption section of the occ command? you can decrypt all files.

Hello, when I use encryption:decrypt-all I get:

“Server side encryption not enabled. Nothing to do.”

Encryption is disabled, and if I create new users the files are not encrypted, but all the files from the other users are still encrypted.

I’ve enabled encryption again and now it is decrypting all files.


I didn’t work, files are still encrypted.