Access denied on Office Documents in Subfolders

Hi all,

we have setup a Nextcloud Server 11.0.3 on a Ubuntu 14.04.
OnlineLibreOffice is installed as a Docker Container Version 2.1. So far so good.

Now we share a Folder as a Link with edit Rights. In this FOlders are more SubFolders.
If a User now open a Document in a Subfolder (xls, doc…) he get an error “Access forbidden”. He can Download the File but not opened in Libre Office.
A PDF Document can be read.

If we move the Office Document to root Folder - the LibreOffice is open and the User can edit the Document.

Is this a BUG with Subfolders?


Are you using Collabora or OnlyOffice?

we use Collabora in a Docker Container Version 2.1

Hi @hermann1514,

take a look at this thread: File access forbidden
Probably you can find a solution there.

Thanks, but i didnt’t find a soloution.