Access data directory files from server

Hi everyone,
I have a basic installation of nextcloud on my raspberry pi that works well (my data directory is on a mounted hard drive). I would like to access my data directory from the raspberry to edit, create, delete, copy my files stored in nextcloud.

The first goal is work inside the data directory occasionally (for example to copy my musics to save them on another disk plugged on the raspberry, because through web it’s very low). I saw that it’s possible to do it with sudo -u www-data and update changes with sudo -u www-data ./occ files:scan --path="/<my_username>/files" . Is it the good way to do it?

The second goal is to allow my raspberry to run scripts on files (for example to modify a markdown file or to convert a markdown to pdf or to change files names directly from the raspberry). I can’t use the previews method because there is a sudo . I found that it’s possible with the WebDAV’s api but is it really the best option to setup WebDAV for this ? Would performances be good ? What about concurrency ?

Thank you for your help!


You should not change anything in the data folder manually, use external storage for that. There, Nextcloud accepts changes to files by other programs.

If you want to process files, you can use the workflow:
There is a workflow-pdf-converter in the app store: