About to give up on Nextcloud

Close to giving up on Nextcloud as an end user, not a developer.

NO SUPPORT - Queries go unansered.

Had a lot of success until recent atempt to upgrade, which failed. So I did a total re-install to a shared server. Can only connect via Firefox browser. Can no longer sync from Ubuntu 2004 nor Droid app.

Attempts to fix take so much time that I no longer save any - more time trying for solutions that worth the investment since I can not sync.

– A Voice in the Wilderness

want to try on a shared server ubuntu 20.04:

you didn’t buy support and wonder why nextcloud gmbh won’t answer your question?


Nextcloud says get help on forum. Maybe that’s what I should’ve said. I KNOW I DON’T HAVE PAID SUPPORT.

Already installed with web installer.
“Ansible playbook to install nextcloud . . …” does not address issue.

“The version on my hosting service is 7.3.20.”

we had a lot of issues here with this version. it’s broken.

I stepped back to PHP 7.2 (7.2.32) on host. Still unable to sycn w/ Linux client, started with latest Appimage.

I switched back to 7.2 and, of course, can not login. Must there be a place in config(s) to set the version number back to 7.2.x?

Both versions are broken. Any chance to go to 7.4?

Not available on my hosting service. Is there a way to step back to compatible version of php, short of re-install? But, is 19.x compat w/ php 7.2?

BTW: THANKS for replying.

Too bad the installer doesn’t warn about 7.3 incompat.

You are using NC15? Years old. Or? How to predict at the time the next version of NC was coded that now a PHP version on Plesk is incompatible?

I guess you have wait till Plesk will fix the problem and release a new version of PHP.

I tried NC17-19. They all didn’t work.

I was using 15. Could not upgrade - no upgrade “button” on the admin page. Maybe that was because I had upgraded to php 7.3 on the host. At least I was sycn-ing from all platforms and bragging to my Linux buddies about my cloud. So, I started from scratch, not being able to upgrade. As I understand you, I have to wait for php 7.4 to be available? That leaves me at the mercy of the hosting service and their time line. Am I missing anything, e.g., re-install with an earlier version of NC?

Well that’s not true, i am running multiple instances of Nextclouds on 7.3.19-1deb10u1 fine but without PLESK, webmin or any of these clicky-fancy admintools, just pure Debian Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PHP.

And regarding Nextcloud support: RainerNippes already said, that you can buy support not only at Nextcloud but elsewhere too. But of course nobody will offer his or her service on unknown blackboxes. Speaking for my self I only support managed nextclouds which I installed myself and have under my management. You should take this into your consideration before blaming the product itself.


But, jakobssystems, I don’t see that as being applicable to my need since I’m dependent upon a shared host.

Of course, that may be a dumb statement from a less sophisticated end user!

Well this might the original problem. Run your own Nextcloud instance or buy a managed one.


I’m afraid: yes.

downgrade is not supported. unless you drop the database and start from scratch.

do you know if your plesk version is supporting php7.4? with the correct version of plesk it’s a one liner:


did you open a ticket at your provider asking to roll back the php version or upgrade to php7.4?

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I use cPanel to select version and upgrade PHP. I did that some time ago because NC notifications said PHP 7.3 is better! PHP 7.4 is not available via cPanel. I setup a new DB when doing the new install of NC but it likely has come content since I was able to establish users and login. I don’t know how to empty a DB and believe that the plesk command might be good on a local machine but not on a hosting service, on which, BTW, I do not have root privileges.

We use at work Windows 10 and iOS with all it tools and it is bad, too. But we can not change it. And the biggest problem: we can not change the source code and host it on-prem to improve it.

Leave nextcloud if you do not like it.
Perhaps you will back again in future.

Sad commentary.

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Sorry. Perhaps support like windows and iOS support is needed. So it works at work. :wink: