About the polls category

This is the category to discuss the polls app!


i like the polls app a lot as a substitution for doodle, but IMHO it is unnessesary difficult to install the app.
It is not part of the internal nextcloud app repository accessible directly from the admin panel, you have to search, download, extract, copy and activate it manually.
Putting it into the internal repository would increase the usage as people now find it directly browsing through categorys, and also make it easier to update the app.
I would even like to suggest to add this to the Groupware-Package, as it fits right in there.



You can find the polls app in the app store (https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/polls) and in the apps section of your nextcloud instance (Category “Tools”).

dang you are right, totally missed that, thanks.
I hereby withdraw my previous statement :slight_smile: