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How save is this?? Regarding to browser plugins and other stuff. I´m using Keeweb Desktop Application and its still fine :smiley: and I think saver then having an API which informs directly the browser about all passwords.

Hi. For any questions it would be great if you consider opening a new topic in the passwords app category.

To answer your question: Passwords is - just as any cloud based password manager - always just as safe as its weakest component. If the user, the client and the server do their part your passwords will be perfectly fine. But on the other side, keeping your passwords on your pc does not automatically mean that they’re safeer. Data loss or viruses could be an issue there. So in the end, it is your decision.

As developer of the Passwords app, i will do my best to make the app as secure as possible but also make it convenient for you to share and access your passwords anytime and everywhere.

Passwords is a third party app for Nextcloud and can be installed from the app store. The creators of Nextcloud are not associated with this app in any way. The code can be found on GitHub and the wiki can be found here.

Hey @mdw !
I see Android Play Store has a Nextcloud Password, I am just curious if there is anything for IOS for iPhone? if not are there any plans for the near future? Thank you for your time! I would be happy to pay for such an app :smiley:

There are currently no plans to make an ios app.

I really need the funktion to share a whole folder with somebody else…(not only single passwords)
I want to have the oportunity to have a “shared password pool”. I hope this funktion could be added! (Or is there already a way to do that and i’m just to stupid? :wink:

Anyway, thanks a lot for this app.


I also wish this feature of sharing a folder

As well as be able to share with a group, not only single users.