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New installation with SMBClient as data path and error chmod 0770 even with nextcloud version 18

Goodday all !!

After a installation on a virtual Ubuntu 18.04 machine hosted on a windows 2012 server I received the this error:
Your data directory is readable by other users
Please change the permissions to 0770 so that the directory cannot be listed by other users.

What I did:
On the windows host server shared a folder with full rights for one user only
Installed Ubuntu 18.04
updated all files
installed smbclient with cifs-utils and made a line in fstab in where filemode=0777 and dir_mode=0777 is used together with the right user and password (same as in the windows system.
Testing give me that I can read, write and delete on the ceated Ubuntu /media/share.
after installing mariadb (version 10.1) and the nextcloud (version 18) software I received the first log-in screen from nextcloud, after enter all information i received the above mentioned message.
After changing the dir_mode to 0770 apache2 only displays text saying the server was not configured properly, changing back to dir_mode=0777 I got the text back…

Please solve this in the next release,

This is the emptiest installation help page I ever saw. You guys must be packaging so well your installations fly. Got my first one running yesterday, WOW, great product, great timing, wishing you all the best, can only go one way with your credentials achieved.
Thanks and well done team, especially, prime dreamer/driver!