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was cool until it lasted (in nc 11.x).
now that’s integrated in nc 12.x its still nice to have. but… you don’t see all apps in the menu-bar anymore. just “…” if you have enabled 8+ apps. so please get rid off these “…” and let the user see all of his apps in the bar.
plus: you can’t move them anymore. at least i can’t move them into an order that would please my taste.

thanks in advance ^^

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Yeah, it doesn’t show the full list to avoid making it look super messy. I personally are OK with it, perhaps the direct_menu app could be modified on Nc 12 to show the whole row without the … :wink:

@juliushaertl just a thought :smiley:

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ok let’s agree upon showing the bar without any smiley :innocent:

would it be possible to give users a choice if they want a shortened row or the full-flavoured-super-messy-look by themselves? or would that be just too much?

I think the app could do it - that’d be fine. An option for this seems excessive to me, it is such a tiny thing.

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I for myself find the new menu good enough so I wont put further development effort to direct_menu.

If anyone wants to prepare a PR to make direct_menu working with Nextcloud 12 again and show all apps there, I’ll be happy to release a new version.

Note that the length of the menu has been increased a bit in 12.0.1 I believe, it is now wide enough for the apps on our company Nextcloud on my screen but it won’t go beyond 30% of the screen width or something like that so the dots show up if you make the window smaller.