About Nextcloud hard disk space expansion

    1. How does I download the Nextcloud to expand the hard disk space?
    2. How to modify the default SSL port. The default is 443, I want to modify it to something else, how to operate.
    3. I connect to the LDAP server of IBM TDS. How do users synchronize?
    4. What currency is the online purchase fee? How long is the cost? Is it a year or a month?
    5. Is my access speed affected in China?
  1. Depends on in which enviroment you refer to
  2. Changine ports from 80 443 to SOMETHING Else
  3. LDAP is very well integrated in Nextcloud, easy to setup, just download the app and configure it
  4. Regarding the Nextcloud VMs there is one free version and some paid versions: https://www.hanssonit.se/nextcloud-vm/
  5. Yes, distance is always a factor that will make internet slower. So if you are close to your server it will be fast, if you are far away it will be slow(er)

If I buy some paid virtual machine files, will I get some technical support? Such as configuration and integration of TDS. And, can the purchased virtual machine be used only once or multiple times? For example, I deployed multiple Nextcloud virtual machines.

No there are no support included in either of the VMs. I can answer questions sure, but hands on support is always paid in general.

When buying a VM you get a download. You can use that for how many users you like, and if you save the ova/vhdx you can use it again at a later date as long as your intent are to use it on a server you own.

You also have the free version though, it will always be free and you can do whatever you want with it as long as you follow the terms of the open source license it’s based on.