About manual update

I have never successfully updated the Nextcloud, so I always update it manually. So there is a doubt.
*An error will always occur in the backup process. It can not be copied, it is a parsing error, and there are some patterns.

At first, my update process:

  1. Maintenance mode ON.
  2. Backup MySQL
  3. Backup Old Nextcloud directory(and move or rename directory name).
  4. Download new Nextcloud source.
  5. Install new Nextcloud.
  6. Moving applications that are not installed by default from old Nextcloud.
  7. Moving config.php from old Nextcloud.
  8. Set permissions and owner.
  9. Execute occ update.
  10. Maintenance mode OFF.
  11. Delete old Nextcloud.

Please tell me about the apps files of the 6th item above.
Do I need to manually copy from the old directory? For example, if there is application data in MySQL, if I install Nextcloud, will the system automatically recognize and re-download applications I used in the past? Or should I manually move?

For my last upgrade, NC installed all apps for me. In the past, I had to install some apps manually afterwards. All apps data are stored in the database, so no information gets lost. I usually use occ to show all the apps installed, before running the upgrade.