About external storage app.How to customize storage backend?

The current storage backend is:

  • [Amazon S3]
  • [FTP/FTPS]
  • [Local]
  • [Nextcloud]
  • [OpenStack Object Storage]
  • [SFTP]
  • [SMB/CIFS]
  • [WebDAV]

But I don’t want openstack object storage and Amazon S3. How can I remove them from the configuration page?

Who can tell me how to solve this problem? Thank you very much.

Disabling the unwanted storage backends under Configuration > Administration > External storages should do the job.

Configuration > Administration > External storages ,Cannot remove “Amazon S3” and “openstack object storage”。
See the screenshot below. I want to remove “Amazon S3” and “openstack object storage” from the list of storage backend in the screenshot.

What needs to be done? Where to modify the source code? Or can it be implemented through the OCC command?

Have you made sure that currently no Amazon S3 and OpenStack mounts exists on your server? I can imagine that already existing shares could prevent you from disabling the mounts.
Try to use the "./occ files_external:... commands to check if mounts exist etc.

I just don’t want Amazon S3 and openstack to appear in the storage backend list.This has nothing to do with whether Amazon S3 and openstack exist on the server.
Let me test“. / OCC files first_ external:… ”This order. Thank you for your help first.

But why? Only admins have access to this list as long as you don’t enable the option “Allow users to mount external storages”

Because I don’t want the administrator of this system (NC) to see or use these two options. I`m the administrator in charge of it operation and maintenance. :smiley:
Do you have a better solution? Modify the source code somewhere?Thanks!

I guess modifying the source code is your only option in this case. But I unfortunately cannot help you with how to do this.

It doesn’t matter. Thank you all the same.