About a user avatar problem in chinese language

Hello everyone, I ’m from China
I found a small problem with the user’s default avatar during use

nextcloud version 18.0
System version centos 8.0 or Ubuntu 18.04
webserver apache 2.4.25

The problem is this
When creating an account for a user
When entering a Chinese name
The avatar picture will look like this
No problem in english
I know it does n’t affect the experience
But I still want to solve it
Then the interface will be more beautiful
thank you all

have you tried several browsers?

and if you think that this would be a bug pls don’t hesitate to file an issue about in on github.

Thank you for your reply

I use Google Chrome to have this problem.

When using IE7 or ie11, the login form will not appear

Personally, I don’t think it’s a browser problem, because I directly URL the avatar image, which is the same with him

I meeting the same problem, did you solve it?