Ability to disable users

Please add the ability to disable users login so that when a person leaves the company we can remove their access to the system without having to delete their files.

Currently I have to change their password (and then recall what I changed it to!!)

(Also see feature about moving files)


2nd this request, if you are not using an LDAP backend this is a real pain. This has been a request for years and would love to see this finally get implemented.

Presumably, you’d also have to change their email address to prevent them from being able to change the password back again…

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Yikes, thanks for that tip! Though they should no longer have access to corporate email so that might not be possible? Though yes it is a worry and I’ve just changed all ex users email to my own.

they should no longer have access to corporate email

Mistakes do happen, and that also assumes that they never previously used the feature in Nextcloud that lets users change their own user email to something else, such as a non corporate email. Accordingly, your move of changing their emails seems prudent and it also demonstrates nicely why the ability to disable users would be a good thing.


I think in the disabling a user function it’s a must to also disable the ability to reset a password, or if its too much design change just empty the email address.
I generel i would be happy if the admin can choose if the user is allowed to reset a password.

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Disabling is possible in the next release, at least via console: ./occ user:disable

Web UI has PR that is still in development: