Abbreviating app names

I want to create an new application and have reviewed the app guidelines in search of naming related aspects. I also used the app skeleton generator and checked the appinfo/info.xml to see how it’s all specified.

The app I have in mind cannot easily be named with just one descriptive word so I’d like to give it a name that consists of three words, in total all very descriptive. But since it’s a bit long, I’d like to abbreviate it in a few places.

Would anyone complain if I ever tried to publish an app with the following metadata (the name here is just a made up example, it’s not the real name I intend to use, but they are of the same character lengths as the real name)?

  • folder name: awh
  • id: awh
  • name: Awfullylooong Words Heere
  • namespace: AWH

So in summary, the parts I’d like to abbreviate is the folder name and the ID as well as the namespace. It would not feel right to make them consist of the fully spelled out name.

PS: Sorry about the title of this post. It’s because of the forum’s stupid min title length, sigh.

PS2: Sorry again about the title, the forum didn’t like it when I had spaces between the “real” characters in it, it said there was too much repetition :>

I don’t think anyone will complain

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Have a look at PSR-4: Autoloader - PHP-FIG. If PSR-4 is okay with that the autoloaders will also have no issue with it.

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