A way to migrate easily from an old version of Linux to a new fresh server


I have an old Server, updated to latest version of Nextcloud, running i think the latest version of Ubuntu LTS. Í have now experienced the issue with corruption, or something… The Nextcloud drive is put into read-only mode after an hour or so of usage, got quite a few users on it too so… It started since the last updates on the server im not sure if the updates are to blame or not but i want to move all data to a new fresh server (old one is atleast 6 years old) and its about time this sucker gets upgraded. The machine is running as on Microsoft Server as an Hyper-V VM. I would LOVE to see a GUI for a migration between servers, That would really put this product into the Major league players. So PLEASE PLEASE… if there are any kind hearted people out there with the skills and know-how… T o create a atleast semi-automated migration, or migration / mirroring between servers that is located Continents aparts, would be super great aswell… And would Further your position as a super great product.

Very best regards

/A dedicated user of Nextcloud