A strange flow for powerful brains

Hello, I have the following scenario:
Company has clients, clients have folders that can upload to them on specific dates.

Example: 2 folders, they can upload on folder 1 from 1/1 to 31/1 folder 2 from 1/2 to 28/2.

Each client has the same set of folders and the same set of dates to upload files.
After the date, client can read files, but no uploading or changing files should be enabled.

Any ideas?

Pretty weird requirement unlikely you can use standard functionality to achieve this. Most likely you have other requirement you didn’t mentioned now so custom application is better suited for your use case.

If I get the idea right customers should have possibility upload the files but not to change it afterwards (only after the month ended or immediately?)… It becomes realistic with default functionality if you consider such workflow:

  • each customer has an upload folder (maybe even “upload only”). this folder remains the same and doesn’t change with the time = easier to handle for customers as well
  • files arriving in the upload folder processed by Flow and moved to the final destination folder. customer has read access to the final folder.
    • using Tags you might even skip additional final folder and only work with one folder where customers can read/upload files but dot change them anymore.
    • the limitation is you can’t perform actions in Flow based on time but only based on file operations like create, delete, access. but there is a way execute tasks with cronjob - external on your server or Nextcloud Background jobs (Cron)

Yes, pretty smart. That could actually work, only question is how can I create a flow to move files on specific folder based on tags or upload (when it is uploaded, move to “x” folder)?

did you read the Flow description? did you try it?

triggering options selection: