A problem on the sync with local hard disk

I installed nextcloud on my raspberry pi. I’m so glad I have a private cloud.

I have a old empty hard drive(1TB) on my desktop , so I try to download everything from nextcloud to the drive just in case the hard drive attached on raspberryPI breaks someday.

During the sync, my desktop accidentally reboot. right now, the sync finished, but the size is different. there are 260 GB in my cloud, but my local hard drive only downloaded 160GB.
I checked all folders in nextcloud, and my hard drive is good without any sectors.

how can I make sure the local hard drive is totally same with the cloud? thanks

You can use a recursive hashing tool like sha256deep to verify files and their contents match the source. Don’t use it directly on the data folder however as the contents would be different. In theory you could use it on a WebDAV mount for the source which should present the same contents that the sync is reproducing.

So you don’t have any error in the sync tool? And where are you getting 260 GB at the source? Is that the total disk usage or the amount of data Nextcloud says you have in your account?