A new major Talk release for our mobile clients bringins offline support and more cool features!

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Talk 9.0.0 for Android and iOS is out!

Good news for the fans of the Nextcloud Talk apps for mobile! Besides the new Nextcloud 19 released today new major Nextcloud Talk releases for Android and iOS are coming! Currently Talk 9.0 (beta) for iOS and Talk 9.0 RC2 for Android are available. Check them out and help us with testing so we can made available the final releases as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, take a look at what these releases are about ;-)

Offline support

The 9.0.0 release brings offline support for both the Talk app for Android and iOS.

Often dealing with a bad internet connection or no connection at all when you’re on the go? With the improvements made in this release Talk will be always responsive, even when your device is offline, in a tunnel, or in a plane!

Loading messages between you and your contacts is now available and you’ll be able to see the list of all your Talk conversations! Messages are now visible in the chat right after you press the send button. You will see a loading spinner while sending and an error if it fails. Send a message when offline and you will be able to resend it once you have an internet connection!

This release brings new functionalities, significant UI improvements and many more fixes & refinements to the users.

What’s new?

Talk for Android

The most important improvements of this release include:

📶 offline support

🆕 application shortcuts

↔️ swipe to reply

🔗 new invitation options to a conversation

📱 remodelled UI

Note that RC2 of the Talk app for Android is available. Get it, test it and let us know what to improve ;-)

Talk for iOS

The most important improvements of this release include:

📶 offline support and temporary messages

🔇 mute participants

🎙️ show speaker indicator

💬 limit conversation creation

Note that the Talk app for iOS is available in Beta version. Get it, test it and let us know what to improve 😉

Talk for Android features:

Application shortcuts

Howsoever simple it is to use an app and get work done with it, our attention will always be on shortcuts! Talk 9.0.0 brings easier access to the recent conversations by just long-pressing on the app launcher.

Swipe to reply

And since we’re talking about shortcuts, swiping to do something when using a mobile phone or tablet is always more practical and fun! If you want to reply to a message on a topic that needs your input, just open the conversation and SWIPE to reply to that message. Simple 🙂

Invite people to a conversation

Now you will be able to invite people to a conversation even when you’re attending a call or chatting on your mobile! Just choose the way you want to share that conversation, via email to one of your contacts or to a circle!

Remodelled UI

A software that is friendly to the user and intuitive/ easy to use or understand is always one of our focuses! That’s why we have been making significant improvements to the Talk for Android app! Don’t forget to get the latest and greatest on your device to experience the importance of all the changes!

Talk for iOS features:

Mute participants

This feature allows a moderator to force-mute other participants. If a moderator chooses to mute a participant in a conversation, the app mutes that participant for all the users. A muted user will receive a “You have been muted by a moderator” warning. If you usually have large community calls, you can use this feature if someone violates the code of conduct or misbehaves for example.

Show speaker indicator

Group calls now show a speaker indicator, so everyone in a call knows who is speaking, who is muted or not. Now, if you hear any keyboard typing as a background noise when someone is speaking, you’ll know where it comes from 😉 Just check which user is unmuted.

Limit conversations creation

This feature, based on admin settings, can be used to limit the users ability of creating new unwanted conversations, depending on the group they belong to.

Tip: Did you know that Talk 8.0 for iOS brought multi-accounts? If you missed the updates, take a look now and connect all your accounts to your mobile app.

Thank you 🙇 to our amazing community!

A big thanks goes to all the awesome members of our community that regularly help us make Nextcloud better, by translating Nextcloud to other languages or reporting and fixing issues!

Feedback 🔥🤩👍

We appreciate your feedback! If you’d like to share your comments with us, continue the discussion in our forums. What’s the best thing about Nextcloud Talk for mobile so far?



Sorry but I can’t find any 9.0.0 version for Android.
Also the github repo for talk-android does not mention any 9.0.0 release (only Beta).

Am I missing something ?


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There is still no 9.0 version available - at least for me. The version is obviously not yet ready - I do not understand why the announcement has been published.


Same here, my Android app is not getting updated.

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I don’t understand why there is no update on this issue. Current data from play.google.com website:

the reason is clear, the team works hard to fix all issues before update, you can see it on github, if you like.

You do. Just don’t want to admit it…:slight_smile:
New versions of NC were suppose to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the company.
Time was short. Rushing did more harm than good. It didn’t work out as planned…

If NC’s hard driving marketing guy Jos tells you don’t install 18.0.5, wait for the next version two days after release, that is not an Ups! but a f***up…

Just take a break. Come back in a week or two. Enjoy the outdoors.
It will be sorted out eventually…

I said this before: treat NC like Windows in the early 2000’s - don’t touch until first service pack…


The same could be true for most software/hardware - never use the first release of anything. :slight_smile:

Actually, I use Windows 10 since day one (LTSB; later LTSC) with automatic updates on.
Haven’t regretted it…

Look I understand if there is issues, I can wait but why say " Talk 9.0.0 for Android and iOS is out!" if it is not?

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I’m talking about Talk 9.0 on Android. NC 19.0.0 is up and running fine on my server.

Right, marketing and r&d … :slight_smile:
But this is a userforum, we cant help.

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That’s alright, I’m fairly new to NC, now I know what to expect and be more patient in the future.


We had indeed a planning issue with the Android release. The developer considered it ready, but last minute a serious bug was found. The Android Talk developer left Nextcloud just at that time - so we’re now a bit slow fixing that bug and releasing the app as the Android Files dev has to look into it. And we’re thus looking for a new Android-Talk developer. Just a shitty coincidence of two bad things. Hey, that can take down nuclear reactors :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for this feedback, good luck to you all ! I love Talk 9 and I can’t wait to use it on Android :wink:

Thanks for the explanation, and sorry for my little sarcastic comment :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, everything is clear now.

just a little question… will we finally be able to send files directly from our phones storage?

Hello @jospoortvliet.
Do we have an indication of when Nextcloud Talk 9 for Android may be released?
Not trying to put pressure on releasing. Would just be useful to know.
Thanks for a great product. Cheers

Once we hire somebody and then that person has learned how the app works and made the needed changes for release… That can take a while, I’m afraid, hiring takes time and so does learning a new code base! Sorry, there is nothing we can do to speed it up.

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