A net new instance seems to be forced and can't access the old one

Hello nextcloud,

I installed my first nextcloud instance on my laptop running linux last week to try it out and uploaded a few gigs of files to discover my way around. I am not sure what happened but today I was presented with an admin login page asking me to create an admin and identify storage location as if there was no instance to begin with. I wasn’t sure how to proceed but not having found any similar cases to mine, I went through the create admin flow. It appears that it is a net new instance. The “old” instance’s users and files are nowhere to be found via ui. I checked the docker volume and the data folders for these old instance users exists and content appears to be untouched so that is at least good news that I still have the data.

However, I am not sure how to go about understanding what happened that caused this situation and how to remedy it. Could you guys give me some pointers to troubleshoot this? Thanks!!!

Please restore the old instance from a backup. This is a well-known bug which can happen if you run out of storage space. This was just fixed recently but will only be included in Nextcloud 25.0.5 or higher.

Thanks @szaimen! But the problem is i don’t think a backup has taken place. On the /containers page, i had put in a mount point for backups but there does not seem to be a backup file. I’m not sure if the cron jobs were set up automatically and couldn’t run for some reason. Is there a place i can check to see old instance’s log journal entries?

So you did not create any backup? In that case I cannot help you.

thanks for the reply. so i followed your instructions on proper resetting of an instance and ran the following

sudo docker run \
--sig-proxy=false \
--name nextcloud-aio-mastercontainer \
--restart always \
--publish 8080:8080 \
-e APACHE_PORT=11000 \
--volume nextcloud_aio_mastercontainer:/mnt/docker-aio-config \
--volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro \

but i am only seeing the mastercontainer and there is no apache container. Does this sound familiar?

Yes, you will need to submit your domain again in the AIO interface when you create a new instance. However there should be a domaincheck container started after your open the AIO interface.

mastercontainer is the only one that seems to be running

So you did you open the AIO interface yet after starting it freshly?

It looks like i hit my quota on docker. I will report back on the status later when I can proceed.

resubmitting the domain was what i needed. thanks. this is now resolved and can be closed.