A lot of css and js in html head


I see a lot of and in html head.
It is possible to merge some of them in one file?

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There was an asset-pipeline but it was removed. More details:

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Thanks for your reply.

Is there any pure bootstrap theme for nextcloud?

@andy1247008998 I don’t think so.

@andy1247008998 Are you using HTTP2 ?


I’m using Apache2 with HTTP2

HTTP2 takes care of the “concatenation” so it basically doesnt matter :wink:

My provider uses CentOS. So it will take months, or years to support HTTP/2.
The login page needs 88 request and over 2 seconds load time (without caching).

Also the assets aren’t minified and with the current setup the browser checks the E-Tag for 21 CSS and 56 JS files on every reload. These are 77 requests just for the caching check of stuff that only changes on an Nextcloud release.

I am pretty confindent that the webfrontend could feel much faster/responsible if i could pack the CSS and JS webassests in a hand full minimized, compressed files with a long caching duration.

Is there a way i could combine these assets manualy, to speedup my configuration?

@Xeniac-at enable compression on your server, it pretty much works like minification

Ok. i did a small benchmark, im pretty sure it’s not representative:

My server compresses everything reasonable with mod_defalte by default.
With a flushed cache 21 CSS files with a total of 126 KB uncompressed will eat 49.6 KB bandwith. The download time would add up to 7511 ms, thanks google these downloads are paralleled. Total Load for the login page: 5.11 seconds.

ALL CSS files combined an minified by the old yui-compressor: 99.8 kB
Served with mod_deflate: 19.8 KB in 319ms (that’s half the size)
Chromium gives me a load of 3.31 seconds in this case. To be fair you should add 300 - 500 ms for the time that PHP needs to respond. So i could save nearly 1.5 seconds Loadtime, just by serving the style sheets combined.

In my opinion this is not pretty much the same.

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Looks like pretty much the same to me, same order of magnitude and not even twice as fast. What kind of hardware are you using?

In my case it’s a small installation for private use on uberspace.de.
Using an Intel Xeon E312xx (Sandy Bridge) with 24GB Ram.